•  »Cameroonian Refugees kids In Nigeria Receive Christmass Gifts 

  •  »Mafac/USP Donated Water Catchment in Victoria

  •  »Shot Cameroonian Refugee Received Mafac’s Medical Aid in Nigeria

  •  »Mafac Donated Benches

  •  »Children in Refugee Camp, Nigeria use Mafac Donated benches

  •  »Mafac Feeds Internally Displaced Persons, IDPs in Fako

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The Makongos

Dr. David Makongo
Dr. David Makongo

Dr. David Makongo is an International business mining lawyer, expert mediator and a philanthropist, dedicated to improving the human condition.
"There is no reason for a few to be eating while majority are still starving or for some to be rich while most people remain poor. Ours is therefore to battle to bridge the gap between the haves and have nots." - Dr. David Makongo

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