Board of Directors

Dr. Makongo
  • Dr. David Makongo
  • Position:Board Chair

An International business mining lawyer, expert mediator and a philanthropist, dedicated to improving the human condition. “There is no reason for a few to be eating while majority are still starving or for some to be rich while most people remain poor. Ours is therefore to battle to bridge the gap between the haves and have nots,” - Dr David Makongo.

Photo of Mme Silo Makongo.
  • Mme Silo Makongo
  • Position:Deputy Board Chair

Social Communicator and a Mother, having the passion to help whoever and whenever she can. Also committed to improving the wellbeing of children and women. “Children with special needs are worth worrying about. It’s a pleasure to advocate for children with special needs to be included in all aspects of care giving as well as in education. Assisting in women’s empowerment and emancipation is also what I love to do,”- Mrs Silo Makongo

Photo of educator and OCW user Robert Talbert.
  • Terry Makongo and Tenda Makongo
  • Position:Distinguished Members

Their passion to share with children is legendary. “Mum why don’t we keep these things and share to other children.” The philanthropic nature of their parents is what they would want to emulate. They always think about their African peers.