Mafac Touches Lives of Hundreds of Orphans in Conakry - Guinea

Mafac Donation at Aides au Enfants Deserites

The Makongo Family Charity, Mafac, has touched hundreds of lives of orphans in some areas on the outskirts of Conakry, the Guinean capital. Mafac’s Chair, Dr David Makongo, dispatched a team of the Organization’s volunteers to share and commune with the less privileged. A need assessment had been made. Three orphanages were visited and in each of them, food and none food items were distributed. They included bags of rice, cartons of tomatoes, cartons of soap, cartons of sugar, maggi cubes, salt, and vegetable oil, and above all almost a bail of dresses for the orphans. At a center hosting more than 18 orphans named, Humanisme Sans Frontieres, located in the restive Bambeto area in the Ratoma District, the Director in Charge of Logistics for Mafac Guinea, presented New Year’s wishes from Mafac Chair.

Mafac Donation at Aides au Enfants Deserites

Mr Mamadou Lando Diallo said Mafac’s Founder and Chairman, Dr David Makongo who donates from his pocket, is committed to invest as much as possible in the lives of underprivileged children in Guinea and everywhere in the sub-region. He proceeded to handing over the gifts to the orphans.

Speaking for the Director of the Orphanage, Mrs Elisabeth Mansare expressed gratitude to Dr David Makongo, for the kind gesture that would go a long way to improve the lives of the orphans. She disclosed that 18 of the orphans were attending primary school and they had challenges paying their fees. Two of the orphans were said to be university graduates. "We are really happy and pray that God reimburses him a hundredfold.

We do hope that Mafac, would carry out even bigger actions," she said. The orphans also expressed joy with the songs and dance. The Director of the orphanage, Mr. Joseph Tinkiano Faya who was not on seat when Mafac visited, later rang the Mafac office and expressed a feeling of relief for the donations. Mafac offering donations at Regina Maris NGO The next stop over was at the orphanage named Aides aux enfants Deserites still within the Bambéto area, housing 48 deprived children. Similar gifts of rice, tomatoes, vegetable oil, soap among other things were also donated. The coordinator of the Aides aux enfants Deserites orphanage, Mr Ibrahima Diallo Saikou, appreciated Mafac’s largesse, concern and gifts, which he said came on time.

“We are happy, really happy especially that this gift came at a time of crisis. As you can see, this Bambeto area is a zone of turbulence where there are usually protests almost every day. We are really happy because this donation came at a time when we only had one bag of rice in the store with a number of 48 orphans to feed. We pray God to grant Dr Makongo good health and that Mafac prospers,” he said.

He also said that 18 of the 48 orphans were attending school, while the others are learning trades such as shoe manufacturing, carpentry and furniture, wielding and that many would be looking up to Mafac to set up a business of their own.

At the Regina Maris orphanage in the Kipé Neigbouhood, Conakry behind the Chino-Guinean hospital, host to the orphanage and a primary school, Mafac learnt that there were 55 orphans in the dormitory while the other pupils attend school and leave to their homes at closing time. The Director of Regina Maris, Mme Henriette Bouille welcomed the Mafac delegation.

After receiving the donations a donation of oil, sugar, rice, soap from Mr Mamadou Lando Diallo, Mrs Bouille said she remained a Mafac good will ambassador for she has seen its work. The orphans also chanted praises to Mafac and pledged to be good children in the future. The donation that took place on Friday January 10 2020 was a continuation of Mafac efforts to improve the lives of the vulnerable people across the globe.