Mafac Empowers Wives Of Detainees, Prisoners And IDPs.

The Makongo Family Charity (MAFAC) has provided significant assistance to some wives of Southern Cameroons prisoners of conscience to start their own small businesses. It also provided significant assistance to some prisoners to start their own small money making businesses inside the prison premises. This will help them also provide financial support to their struggling families while still in detention. Scores of the detainees benefitted.

Even more, MAFAC has provided affordable accommodation to some IDPs in Yaounde, Bamenda and Douala. These are mostly families of 5 to 7 persons, including couples, and their grown up male and female children having to share the same sleeping room because their homes have been completely burnt down. They were for the most part displaced from the North West and South West Regions of Cameroon. For safety reasons the beneficiaries preferred to remain anonymous but greatly appreciated the largesse.

On the sidelines of assisting prisoners MAFAC is also awarding a contract to anyone who is willing and capable of providing "PAP" meal to all prisoners in LRC jails. The decision by Mafac to award the contract is based on the fact that Anglophone detainees are fed only meal a day and more often the same meal.

Also some of the very sick detainees and must eat something early in the morning before they take their medicines. It would be recalled that Mafac provided food to some detainees at the Douala new bell prison in 2018, after their staple meal caused them health problems.

The empowerment schemes and donation of food is part of Mafac’s mission and vision to fight poverty, hunger, and starvation and to end suffering in Africa.