Mafac's Petition to UNESCO over Murdered Journalist Succeeds

Dr. Davoid Makongo, Chairman of MAFAC

Viewing the degrading situation in the conflict and with Mafac’s constant humanitarian efforts and support to the more than 100000 refugees, internally displaced, prisoners of war, those in exile, and worried by the senseless killings that has now shifted to journalists, the attention of UNESCO was drawn for the protection of the rights of journalist and press freedom. Mafac’s Founder and Chair, Dr David Makongo therefore petitioned UNESCO’s France based Director for the organization to take its responsibility to protect journalists and demand justice for the persecuted and murdered pressman.

Abducted & murdered journalist, Emmanuel Wazizi

“The decision to petition UNESCO to hold the Biya regime accountable falls in line with my determination to do charity and humanitarian work and also seek justice for Wazizi's family and fans. The time is now, to push even further and demand that the Cameroon government hand over Wazizi's body to his family if it is true that he is dead. His family and friends may mourn him and also give him a very decent and dignified burial,” Dr David Makongo said.

“I'm extremely excited that UNESCO Director General, Audrey Azoulay has ordered an investigation into the death of Samuel Wazizi following my calls and emails. We won't relent our efforts to follow up this matter until justice comes down like a mighty ocean and until freedom flows like righteousness to all. Unless we speak out against these crimes and demand serious protection for journalists and everyone, people, one day, risk being wiped out completely from the face of this earth by brutal and barbaric regime that know only about minerals and money and are insensitive to human pain,” Dr Makongo added.

According to news reports, Mafac’s Chairman's call also fell on the attentive ear of the United Nations organization for Central Africa (UNOCA), SANEF ( South African National Editor's Forum),the US and German missions to the United Nations, Amnesty International, Committee to Protect of Journalists, Reporters without Boarders, US Embassy in Cameroon and other local and international rights organizations.

Over the years Mafac has provided huge humanitarian support to individuals, in Cameroon, Nigeria, Ghana, Guinea, Liberia. In Guinea and Ghana for example Mafac has donated Covid -19 kits to orphanages, assisted farmers with farm tools and offered relief to underprivileged. Mafac again within its advocacy role, is also brazing up to equip journalists in some African countries with work equipment in the days ahead.