About USP: Before the advent of Mafac, United Support for Peace, USP, has been handling various humanitarian and community development projects for the Makongo Family Charity, Mafac.

USP Volunteer at Work

USP was founded in 2011 in Colorado, North Carolina, USA and has liaison offices in France, Cameroun, Nigeria, Ghana, Guinea and other countries around the world. USP volunteers in all these countries execute human and developmental projects while Mafac provides all the resources and donations.

USP Volunteers Visit Patient in Hospital

USP has been able to construct a Mafac-sponsored water catchment, provided medical assistance to many vulnerable people in Cameroon, Nigeria, Ghana and other countries. It has intervened and resolved conflicts in Ghana, Rwanda and in Guinea between mining companies and local communities. Mafac and USP are working in synergy to help the needy and promote humanitarian values. USP however has some components in its organigram like empowerment of youths and citizen participation in development, advocacy, training, peace building, promotion for the respect of rule of law and basic democratic principles in different countries around the world.


Dr. David Makongo (Board Chair)

An International business mining lawyer, expert mediator and a philanthropist, dedicated to improving the human condition. “There is no reason for a few to be eating while majority are still starving or for some to be rich while most people remain poor. Ours is therefore to battle to bridge the gap between the haves and have nots,” - Dr David Makongo.

Amstrong Kingue
(Senior Board Member)

Cooperate business admirative consultant, speaker and trainer with a passion for improving the plight of mankind. “We do hope to bring hope by putting a smile on the faces of the destitute and less privileged. MAFAC is that love that encompasses human plight. We save lives, relieve suffering and restore the dignity of the human being.”- Amstrong Kingue.

Mustapha Tekognang (Projects Development)

A France based security consultant, Multapha designs and developing sustainable projects for the needy. His humanitarian works are well known in Cameroon and Nigeria within the refugee community. “Empowering people to learn handwork like tailoring, farming, restaurant, hairdressing and anything that can give them a sustainable living and stable life is what I think is the best way to assist. Mafac is a dream I will want to see leave its mark, through the projects it has carried out and intend to put up. - Mustapha Tekognang