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Mafac Receives Appreciation for 500.000Frs CFA Emergency Donation

letter of appreciation
Letter of Appreciation

The Makongo Family Charity ,Mafac has received appreciation for an emergency support it provided for very sick Southern Cameroonian detainees in jail. The donation came after an alarm was raised that most of our brothers who are being held in various French Cameroon prisons in are critically ill. After crosschecking the information Mafac provided the sum of USD$1000 (500.000frsCFA) to rush those who are in critical condition to the hospital. "I call on all who can support to do so because this guys are in jail today because they want all of us to be free and prosperous. It is therefore, morally right to come to their support each time need arises and now is one of such times we must also sacrifice for them," Mafac's chair Dr Makongo said. " The reason we all have two hands is because one hand is for yourself and the other hand is to help others. Sharing is caring, " Dr. David Makongo added. After the donation, Unity Foundation Cameroon to which the Mafac grant was sent, addressed a letter of appreciation to MAFAC for the 500.000frs they received as donation to assist all prisoners of conscience. Mafac CEO also thanked Unity Foundation for the wonderful job they do to help the vulnerable. " We should never eat and forget those who have been jailed for our sake and who can not find even one good meal a day. We should never visit our own doctors and forget our own brothers who are sick in jail for our sake but who can't afford aspirin to clear a headache, " he said. "We should never go to bed without saying a word of prayer for God to protect our own people who are sleeping in bushes for our sake. Yes, we will never rest until justice is done to those who were killed resisting the injustices we all our suffering from" he added. The 1000 USD donation is part of Mafac's efforts to take care of the deprived.