Mafac Supplies More Food, Relief to Refugees in Ikom, Nigeria

After weeks of field research and in its unrelenting efforts to reach out to the needy and deprived, the Makongo Family Charity has reached out again to hundreds of refugees in Ikom, Cross River State Nigeria, and host to majority of Southern Cameroonian Refugees.

The decision from Mafac to reach out is informed by the fact that newly arrived refugees, those not yet registered with the Nigerian Commission for Refugees or the UNHCR find it excruciatingly difficult to have a means of survival. And so on July 4 2020, Mafac provided the refugees with cartons on Indomie, Rice and vegetable oil among other food items.

The refugees expressed appreciation to Mafac and its chairman for his constant supply of relief not only to the refugees in Nigeria but also for its support to deprived people all over the world. “Mafac and Dr Makongo, we lack words to appreciate your support to us since 2016. We know that you hold the suffering of the Cameroonian people at heart. We also hope that through your support, all our suffering is going to pass and that we shall soon return to our homeland” said Mrs Vivian Ako, on behalf of all the refugees, in a thank you video.

Besides constantly providing food for the refugees, Mafac has provided medical care to wounded and set up a tailoring workshop for the refugees in Nigeria. Mafac also envisages to engage in sustainable projects for the refugees in not too distant future.