Equmenia Church International, Sweden Donates To Mafac At Festive Period.

Gifts Being Arranged for the Kids The Makongo Family Charity (MAFAC) put smiles on the faces of close to a hundred refugees, by distributing Christmas and New Year gifts to them in Takum, Taraba States, in Nigeria.

With an estimated number of 40,000 refugees who have fled and moved to Nigeria because of the crisis in Southern Cameroons, the donation was part of its humanitarian support to refugees and IDPs.

Following a need assesssment carried out by Mafac during the month of December 2018, Christmas gifts were identified as one of the emergency psychological needs to put a smile on the faces of some of these kids and their parents during this period of festivities.

In all, gifts were given to more than 50 Cameroonian refugee kids in TakumTaraba state. The event took place late2018 in Takum LGA primary school (Rimi). In attendance was the Chief of the Cameroonian community in Takum, the Desk officer of the Taraba LGA and parents of the kids.

Amongst the items distributed were, pairs of shoes, Christmas caps, cartoons of cookies, cartoons of soft drinks, cartoons of detergents, packets of balloons, packets of candies.

The distribution carried out by Mafac was a donation to Mafac by the teen and Sunday school kids of Equmenia Church International Hallunda in Norsborg Sweden. The beneficiaries are kids of between 1 - 12 years of age.

The refugee community in Takum, especially the children responded to this gesture with overwhelming gratitude. They sang songs to thank their donors, the Equmenia Church International Hallunda in Norsborg Sweden, for putting joy on their faces during this period of festivities, and prayed with hope that Mafac continues to assist them with shelter, food and non-food items and health needs etc.

MAFAC has seriously been assisting refugees and the internally displaced persons from Southern Cameroon and other needy people in different countries across Africa.