Dr. David Makongo, CEO of MAFAC, Energizes Women

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Dr. David Makongo, CEO of MAFAC, Energizes Women

Dr. David Makongo, CEO of MAFAC, Energizes Women

On Friday, March 8, 2024, the world celebrates International Women’s Rights Day. The opportunity is seized by Guinea’s greatest humanist to further motivate this marginalized, exploited group, often referred to as the “weaker sex.” For Dr. David Makongo, this expression stems from men’s worst cruelty and aims to keep women in a secondary role. Efforts are indeed being made to change this, but much remains to be done.

“Tribute to you who rise every day at 3 a.m. to feed your children, your husbands, and especially you who are committed to social tranquility and peace,” says Dr. David Makongo to further encourage women.

Moreover, as the Founder of MAFAC, Dr. Makongo wishes a happy celebration to our daughters, our wives, our sisters, and our mothers who do everything to make us happy at home, in the offices, and everywhere we may be.

This year, the philanthropist addresses not only women worldwide but particularly Guinean women, especially rural women who work in the fields and mines. “My sincere thoughts go out to you. Do not let yourselves be taken advantage of because freedom is not given; it is taken. You have the support of General Mamadi Doumbouya, and therefore, you have my support. You live and emit sparks in the heart of the General, who in turn fights day and night for you. His constant concern is to see you shine brightly around the world, in joy and happiness,” says the CEO of MAFAC.

Additionally, for Dr. Makongo, women are far from being mere decorations, flowerpots, or simply utensils used for one’s needs. To him, women are among God’s best creations, with the same rights and duties as men.

That is why, in line with this year’s theme: “Investing in Women: Accelerating the Pace,” Dr. David Makongo invites all men to support and help this group, which has become vulnerable because of their actions.

“We wake up each morning with a meaningful goal, big or small. Everything matters.” Therefore, let us do a bit more and quickly to help women boost their skills and access their fundamental rights equally with men, notably equal opportunities.