Mafac has continued to improve the wellbeing of individuals and communities across the world and especially on the African continent. Visit our different ‘programs’ and assess what we have been doing in the recent past and see the need to donate.

Why Donate

Donated Emergency Delivery Kits for Pregnant Women: Our work does not only consist to help materially, but also to provide solutions to issues affecting people based on our expertise in the domain. We have to donate to Mafac because there are many more people who need assistance and do not hesitate to knock at our doors. Mafac would always give account of donations and appreciate same.

Types of Donations

Makongo Family Charity, Mafac welcomes donations from individuals, families and friends and people of goodwill who support its humanitarian work. Mafac accepts donations in cash and kind and based on project. Mafac can also welcome donations in the form of ideas or ready to channel your donations to where it is most needed. Mafac would from time to time research and present humanitarian and other projects that need urgent attention.

How to Donate

You can contact Mafac through our Contact US page for your donations. You can also donate through Paypal by clicking the donate button below.