MAFAC Donates Farm Tools To Women Associations in Guinea.

MAFAC Donates Farm Tools To Women Associations in Guinea. To promote agriculture in Guinea and especially in mining areas, the NGO, Makongo Family Charity, Mafac, made a donation to Women Associations in Sidikila, a community located in the Mandiana area, Upper Guinea.

The handover of this donation took place on May 7th, 2019 in the presence of the leaders of the said NGOs, the elderly community leaders, and the local authorities. The donations which comprised two oxen and a plough would help more than one thousand women in different associations and intends to encourage them to leave the mining areas and focus on agriculture as the sector of sustainable development.

During the handover ceremony, the representative of Makongo Family Charity, Mafac in Sidikila, Mr. Oumar Doumbouyah popularly called “Ambassador,” explained further the reasons for the donation.

Quoting the founder of Mafac, Dr. David Makongo, Mr Oumar said agriculture is the sector that would enable women to meet up with their needs without facing risks of engaging themselves in artisanal mining. He enjoined the beneficiaries to take good care of the donations and use it rationally for the best interest of the local communities. He also reassured the women associations that Mafac’s Chairman Dr. David Makongo has promised development projects that would improve the wellbeing of the communities .

Very satisfied with the gesture of the NGO, Mrs. Salematou Traoré, President of the Association named “Yankadi” and spokesperson of the Women's Association of Sidikila appreciated the donors and the government of Guinea, for the gesture which she describes as magnanimous.

"We thank the Mafac Chair, Dr. David Makongo, Minister of Mines and Geology, Abdoulaye Magassouba and the entire government. Our gratitude also goes to President Alpha Condé for their efforts to always think about women. It is through the President that we have the investors who are donating the oxen and plough today. They would be used to plough the farms of many woman. We do hope that after these donations we would also be happy to receive seedlings” added Mrs Traore.

She said the donation is timely and would allow them to perform fieldwork with less problems. "It will allow us to do work in our different fields. We would not be exposed to dangers of going to the mines. We are really happy with the gesture and we pray to God to give happiness, protection and luck to donors.”

Local authorities at the event said the founder of Makongo Family Charity, Mafac, is a very big promoter of Guinea since 2004. They took turns to recall that in 2008, during the African Nations Cup in Ghana, he bought a complete set of jerseys for the Guinean national team. He has sponsored Guinean mining sector representatives at several local and global mining conferences. Dr. David Makongo is Senior Honorary Advisor to BFG Consulting and Services, a Mining Consultancy firm, is known in Guinea as someone who has created more than 50 direct employment for Guinean nationals and indirectly through the companies he has helped to establish in Guinea. Ashapua, GBG, GGE and others were mentioned. It was revealed that he has created more than 500 new jobs and has a positive impact on national income through the taxes paid by these companies and their employees.

Mafac was founded by Dr. David Makongo, a United States citizen and investor who has been a promoter of the mining sector in Africa for more than 15 years in countries like Ghana, Liberia, Burundi etc. He is said to be very familiar with the problems of the local mining population.