Press Release

Press Release 001- 6/18

Mafac Future Projects

The Project Development Department of Mafac is announcing that it would be engaging in several humanitarian and community development projects. They include but not limited to:

  • Assistance to Internally displaced persons in the Southern Cameroons. Envisaged provision of Canopies, air beds and solar lamps as the climate dictates.
  • Launching of programs for children with special needs
  • Set up a Makongo Family Charity, MAFAC Refugee Tailoring Training Workshop in Nigeria
  • Assistance to physically Challenged persons (Ghana/Guinea)
  • Organise Hostile Environment First Aid Training for Mafac Staff/Volunteers/Communities

Mafac’s Project Development office is hereby launching a call for volunteers and people with ideas on how any of the above projects would be implemented to the satisfaction of needy persons. Kindly make use of our ‘Contact Us’ page. Project Development Department